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If you're thinking about working as a freelance web designer or developer, we can help you explore this.

As a freelancer, you will be able to develop your skills, build your portfolio and start earning money while doing the work you enjoy in a flexible and independent way.



Rami's looking pretty chuffed because his first client was the United Nations.  He built a new site for one of their international events, and earned £600 while also getting a great name to add to his portfolio.




Joan has had several long term projects through Crowdskills, from data work with startups to research programmes with small businesses, often earning over £1000 a month.



How it works

As soon as you create your profile, we'll start promoting you.  If a client comes along with a suitable project, we'll connect you with them.  Every project is different, but the average job will take around 3 days and earn you £800 for building a basic website.  We take care of all the marketing, admin, billing and paperwork, and earn a 20% commission on each project we set up for you.  In the above example, the client pays £1000, you earn £800 and we earn £200.


Any questions, feel free to give us a call on 0203 504 6565.

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