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Startup Hiring Tips

4 Hiring Tips for London Startups

Startup hiring is tough.  But a solid team is critical – it’s often listed in the top 3 reasons why startups fail.  Unfortunately, we’ve got a £2.2bn skills gap, compounded by Brexit, so competition is getting fiercer.  Startups now need to work even harder to beat big brands with funky offices and free massages, in […]

Content Writers

How to write content for your startup

If you’re starting or scaling a startup in London, launching a blog can offer many benefits. Writing quality content will help get you rank higher. It will help build your brand. Most importantly, it will help you turn visitors to your site into customers. But how do you actually do it? Setting up a blog […]

London Temp Agency

London’s Top 30 Temp Agencies

Knowing which temp agency to use is a tricky one.  There are plenty to choose from, and not enough time – especially when you’re in a hurry to find someone quickly.  So here’s a quick breakdown of the top 30 temp agencies in London, to help you choose!  And if you’re looking for digital skills, […]

Temp Staff Apps

The top 5 temp staff apps

It wasn’t even that long ago that if you wanted to hire temporary staff, you had to advertise in local newspapers or on the radio. Or, you could use a specialist temping agency. If you were looking for temporary work, you had to sign up with an agency then wait by the phone until they […]

Digital Skills Gap

5 Steps to Avoid the Digital Skills Gap

There is a digital skills gap in London, and it’s hurting our economy and our workforce. Companies can’t grow because they can’t find the digital skills they need. Employees are finding themselves not fulfilling their potential because they don’t have the skills that are currently in demand. If you’d like to find out more about […]

Solving the Digital Skills Gap

Solving the digital skills gap

It’s a phenomenon that’s holding back growth for companies of all types in London. It’s stifling London’s economy, as well as that of the UK. Talented people are wasting their gifts, while others don’t fulfil their potential. It’s London’s digital skills gap. But what exactly is it? Who does it affect and how? And, what’s […]


Comparing temp agencies in London

A quick comparison of temp agencies in London Let’s compare the temp agencies London has to offer and see who’s offering the best service.  In particular, I’m going to try and find a temp with digital skills, who can help with my social media and marketing… And if you’re looking for something similar, feel free to check […]

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