When you need a photographer in London for team headshots, marketing content, product photos and ads, where do you go?  Here’s a list of 20 London photography options, in no particular order, including individuals agencies and marketplaces.


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 Craig Greenslade

Craig specialises in creating modern standout images for your business, networking, personal branding and social media. Don’t settle for fake smiles and awkward expressions. Get a headshot that shows you at your best.

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London photographer Craig


1 – AMP Agency

AMP Agency is a full-service photography agency, offering a start-to-finish photography solution for your business. Working primarily in the advertising area, AMP will source models and locations, plus art direction, photography, post-production and more. Their track record in this area is unrivalled. AMP has worked with a who’s who of big names, including Adidas, L’Oréal and Cartier.

Services: advertising, beauty, fashion

Key features: casting, art direction, post-production

Reviews: Facebook, Glassdoor, Clutch


2 – Andrew Holt Photography

Andrew Holt is a London-based photographer working primarily in the architectural and design sectors. He has been in photography for more than 20 years. Andrew’s work is usually seen in advertising, company brochures and books. Whether it’s in the studio or on location, Andrew Holt covers all your photography needs. He can also produce professional headshots for your social media profiles.

Services: architecture, interior design, headshots

Key features: studio, on location, aerial photography

3 – Andy Tyler – Corporate Photographer

 Andy Tyler is one of London’s foremost business photographers, capturing startling images of people, places and events across London. He is known for taking fantastic photos and delivering them to the client quickly after post-production. Whether it’s shots for your social media, advertisements or corporate literature, Andy Tyler can provide everything you need. Andy has worked for blue-chip companies such as Amazon, Coca-Cola and Samsung.

Services: Events, headshots, corporate literature

Key features: Speed, post-production

Reviews: Google Reviews


4 – Common Era

Common Era is a photography agency that produces stunning works of visual art, not just photographs. Common Era makes sure its visual content pushes their clients’ brands forward. They are justifiably proud of their ‘agile, collaborative and forward-thinking approach’. Their shots for Converse and J&B Whisky will take your breath away.

Services: Corporate, advertising, fashion

Key features: Artistic, high-end, collaborative


5 – Corporate Photo Agency

A company that does what it says on the tin, Corporate Photo Agency works with individuals, SMEs and big brands to visually boost their corporate image. This agency specialises in website work, LinkedIn profiles and corporate event photography. Past clients include the Institute of Customer Service and the SME Awards.

Services: corporate events, headshots, web pages

Key features: mobile, contemporary

Reviews: Google Reviews


6 – Crowdskills

As well as providing fully-vetted, locally based freelancers in web design, graphic design, content marketing and more, Crowdskills also offers freelance photography services. Our photographers are specialists in corporate photography, with experience in portraits, team shots and location-based shoots. From coming up with ideas, to the actual shot, to retouching and editing, Crowdskills offers a start-to-finish solution at an affordable price.

Services: portraits, team shots, events

Key features: cost-effective, freelance, local, vetted

Reviews: Google

7 – DG Corporate

DG Corporate is one of London’s leading business headshot photographers. DG knows the value of a great, professional-looking LinkedIn profile photo, and they know how to get it right every time. It’s not just the shot. It’s the background and the editing that make the perfect headshot. DG Corporate will disguise any blemishes with their airbrushing service. They have worked with top brands such as Salesforce and Samsung and have been featured in the Financial Times.

Services: LinkedIn, headshots, websites

Key features: studio, location, airbrushing

Reviews: Google Reviews

8 – Headshot Guy

John Cassidy is the original Headshot Guy. The Headshot Guy specialises in creating high-quality headshots for LinkedIn, corporate websites and brand literature. John and his team offer a start-to-finish headshot experience, with makeup and wardrobe advice, background and studio services and anything else you need for the perfect shot.

Services: headshots, LinkedIn,

Key features: headshot experts, consultation, editing

Reviews: Google Reviews

9 – Jonathan Knowles

Jonathan Knowles is an experienced practitioner in photography and film. He is one of London’s leading advertising photographers, notably in the drinks industry but not limited to that area. You can see his work in campaigns for such blue-chip brands as Costa, o2 and Heineken.  He has been the recipient of many awards for his ad word and has appeared in the 200 Best Photographers in the World book.

Services: Advertising, luxury, drinks

Key features: Award-winning, ground-breaking

Reviews: Facebook


10 – JSR Agency

JSR Agency is a photographic agency that knows the value of visual content to the overall marketing campaign. They look after a number of esteemed photographers, including Cannes Lions and D&AD award winners. Whether you need landscape, fashion, automotive or product photography for your business, JSR provides the solution you need. JSR’s client list includes the BBC and Argos.

Services: Product, fashion, cars

Key features: Award-winning, brand-focused

Reviews: Facebook,


11 – Ooshot

Ooshot is an online marketplace for photographers. Simply fill in Ooshot’s quick briefing form and they will select the most appropriate photographer for your needs. Money is paid into escrow and released to the photographer on completion. Ooshot’s photographers are based in London and all over the world, and are experts in advertising shots, social media and website work.

Services: marketplace, advertising, Instagram

Key features: specialists, platform, advice

Reviews: Product Hunt, Google Reviews


12 – Packshot Factory

Packshot Factory is a product photography and film studio located in Covent Garden. They specialise primarily in advertising photography and commercial stills. Packshot Factory has been working in this area for more than 30 years and have produced high-end stills for brands such as Persil, Costa and Dove. Their state-of-the-art studios mean they can offer a complete production package for advertisers.

Services: advertising, stills, commercial

Key features: specialist, post-production, experience

Reviews: Facebook,


13 – Perfocal

Perfocal allows you to ‘book a photographer for anything’. Whether it’s a business conference, advertising shoot or birthday party, you can find the photographer you’re looking for on Perfocal’s online platform. For business customers, Perfocal offers photographers for headshots, events, team shots and property shots. Give Perfocal your brief and they do the rest.

Services: headshots, events, property

Key features: platform, marketplace, cost-effective

Reviews: TrustPilot, Google Reviews


14 – Picfair

Picfair may be a London-based photography marketplace, but they represent a network of more than 30,000 photographers in 130 countries. It is a truly global brand. Whatever you need and wherever you need it, simply give Picfair your requirements and they do the rest. From street-style experts to exotic landscape photographers, you’ll find the right one at Picfair.

Services: style, travel, advertising

Key features: platform, global, marketplace


15 – Pixel Panda

Pixel Panda is the brainchild of Mat King, a London-based photographer specialising in architecture and property photography. Mat is a specialist in photo repair and retouching. Property companies love Pixel Panda’s work because they can go to a messy building site, but make it look shiny and new in the photos.

Services: Architecture, property, commercial

Key features: Retouching, editing, Photoshop

Reviews: Facebook


16 – Snapsquad

Snapsquad is a marketplace platform for photographers, allowing to select from a range of photographers based on price, availability and speciality. At time of writing, there were 185 London-based photographers available on Snapsquad. You’ll find specialists in fashion, events, property and more. Plus, you get to pick a photographer to match your budget.

Services: Fashion, events, property

Key features: Marketplace, cost-effective, wide range

Reviews: TrustPilot


17 – Soora

Soora is a photography company based in London and specialising in headshots. They help you achieve the headshot you want, with the right style, attitude, background and finish. Their skilled editors enhance every shot to make it stand out from the crowd while looking ultra-professional. You can visit their studio in SW London, or they can come to you. Soora has worked with household name companies such as American Express and Lloyds Bank.

Services: Headshots, events, corporate

Key features: Studio, location, retouching

Reviews: Facebook


18 – Splento

Splento is one of London’s premier marketplaces for photographers. Whether it’s headshots, commercial work, property or anything else, you can find the photographer that is right for you on Splento. Splento guarantees reliability, with photographers available at 2 hours’ notice, and photos delivered 48 hours after the shoot. Splento has worked with big names such as Google, Ford and Deliveroo for their photography needs.

Services: headshots, events, property

Features: marketplace, quick, reliable

Reviews: TrustPilot, Facebook


19 – Trevor Aston Photography

Trevor Aston is a London-based business photography and videography specialist. Trevor and his team specialise in corporate and LinkedIn headshots, corporate events, magazine editorial, web images and more. Trevor specialises in putting his subjects at their ease, because having your photograph taken can be stressful for some.

Services: headshots, exhibitions, magazines

Features: will travel, friendly, reliable

Reviews: Bark, FreeIndex


20 – Dan Burman Photography

Dan Burman Photography is a London-based photography company specialising in corporate headshots, as well as scientific photography. Dan will travel to your office to photograph you, or even your whole team. Recent clients include Legal & General and Siemens. Dan can also shoot your corporate events, exhibitions and awards ceremonies.

Services: headshots, events, scientific

Features: will travel, speedy, contemporary

Reviews: Google Reviews, Bark

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