Posting your photography job on a photography marketplace is a great place to find a photographer who’s available in London and suitable for the job.  We take a look at 6 photography marketplaces to help you find the right person for the job.  You can also check out our review of the top 30 London photographers.

What kind of photography jobs can you use them for?  Perhaps you’re staging an event and you would like professional shots to mark it? Maybe you would like a new, official-looking headshot for your LinkedIn profile? Or, you’re creating a new product and need a beautifully-lit photo for your advertising campaign?  Other types include:

  • Business photographers: marketing, PR, articles, websites, advertising, brochures, reports, editorial, products
  • Event photographers: black tie, auctions, conferences, ceremonies
  • Corporate photographers: headshots/ sportraits, team photos

Anyway, here are the marketplaces to look into first:


1 – Crowdskills

Crowdskills matches you with talented students and graduates working as freelance photographers around London, so you’ll be able to find someone with great skills and very affordable rates.  After you post your job (for free), you can browse their profiles to find someone with the right expertise, get the job done, then pay them and leave a review.  


2 – Splento

‘Photographers on demand’ is the tagline at Splento, which aims to make hiring a high-quality photographer as quick and easy as possible. With Splento, you select a date, time and place for your event. One of Splento’s vetted photographers will come to you and capture your event from beginning to end, delivering professionally-processed photos within 48 hours. Prices start from £99 per hour. With Splento, you can even hire a photographer to be with you in as little as 2 hours. You can use Splento to hire photographers for headshots, corporate events, property photography and more.


3 – Snapsquad

With Snapsquad, you have more control over the photographer you choose to hire. At the top of their home page, simply enter your location and the date you need a photographer. You’ll then see a list of photographers who are in your area and available on that day. You can look at their prices, areas of speciality and highlights from their portfolio. Which one you choose is up to you. You can pay via card or PayPal. At Snapsquad, you’ll find expert photographers in fashion photography, portraits, food and more.


4 – Ooshot

‘We’ll shoot anything for you anywhere’ say Ooshot, based in Paris but active all over the world, including London. To hire a photographer on Ooshot, you need to fill in a detailed brief sheet to begin with. This helps Ooshot match you with the best photographer for your needs. Ooshot will come back to you with a number of different photographers to choose from, at different price points. You can track your order on Ooshot’s platform. Delivery is guaranteed within 24 hours. Ooshot is geared toward work for bigger brands, although small businesses can use their expert photographers too.


5 – Perfocal

London-based Perfocal aim to make hiring a photographer easy and cost-effective. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, Perfocal has  photographers for you. To find a photographer, fill in a short brief sheet. Perfocal will find a photographer who is available and right for the job. They will confirm the booking for you and keep you notified of all developments with your order. Prices start from £69 and their guaranteed delivery time is 48 hours. Brands like Barclays and Pimm’s use Perfocal with their corporate photography.


6 – Bark

Bark is a freelancing site where you can find almost anyone to do anything, including photography. Simply post the details of the job you need completing and Bark will match you up with photographers in your area. The individual photographers will pitch to you with the job and quote you for delivery. You choose the one you like best and hire them for the task. Make sure you leave a review of your Bark photographer if they did a good job for you, as this helps them win jobs in the future.

All these marketplaces are great options if you’re looking to hire a photographer. They all work slightly differently and the prices they charge vary.  If there are other marketplaces we haven’t looked at, get in touch and we’ll review them too. 

Good luck with the photography hunting!

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