There are so many reasons why you may need a video maker for your business in London. Perhaps you’re putting on an event or exhibition and you want to it to be filmed so you can use it in your marketing? Maybe you want to make an advertisement for TV, cinema or YouTube? Or, you want to make a corporate video to drum up more clients?

It could be anything, but unless you have a dedicated videographer on your team, where do you find one? Posting a job on a freelancer marketplace is a great way to find a videographer who is available in London. We’ve had a look at 6 marketplaces you can use to find the right video maker for the job. You can also check out our article reviewing the best 20 videographers in London.


1 – Bark

Bark is a freelancing marketplace where you can find anyone to do just about anything. There is a wide range of videographers registered with Bark, from music video specialists to events and corporate video experts. All you need to do to post a job is state your location and the type of video service you need. You’ll receive pitches from all the individual videographers who are interested in your job. Choose the one you prefer and hire them to make your video. When you use a video maker through Bark, make sure you leave a review of their services as it helps them win more business in the future.


2 – Snapsquad

Snapsquad is a useful marketplace because it puts you in control of the videographer you hire, based on specialism and price. To find a video maker, enter your location and the dates you need someone for (if you know them) on the homepage. On the next screen, use the filters to show you only videographers (not still photographers). You’ll then see a list of videographers who are available and in your area on the dates you chose. Check out the highlights from their portfolio, as well as a bio and a ballpark price. Which one you choose is up to you. Snapsquad is particularly good for finding specialists in making videos for events.


3 – Bidvine

Bidvine is another multi-purpose freelancing marketplace where you can find local videographers ready to work with you at short notice. Bidvine is great for finding event videographers, corporate video makers and specialists in short explainer-style videos. To post your job, simply enter your location on the homepage. Bidvine will then ask you a series of questions to make sure they connect you with the right freelancers. You’ll be presented with a list of suitable video makers for you to choose from. Check their bio and portfolio to find the right one for you. You can invite them to bid for your work.


4 – Splento

Splento is primarily a marketplace for freelance photographers, but it is also a venue for videographers too. Whether it’s a music video, event video or anything else, Splento aims to find you a great video maker without breaking the bank. Their freelancers pledge to have their finished, edited videos back to you within 48 hours of shooting. Just fill in the short online form on the ‘videography’ section of the site. Splento will do the rest.


5 – Video My Business

If you’re looking for a specialist in corporate video production, Video My Business is the marketplace you need. This marketplace operates exclusively in that area. The easiest way to find the right video maker for you is to enter your postcode at the top of the homepage. You’ll then be presented with a list of everyone in your area who can help you. Check out their video portfolios, bios and rates. Once you have chosen a video maker, contact them and see if they are available. You can also post your job on the site and let the freelancers come to you. Whatever is easiest!


6 – Crowdskills

All these marketplaces are great options if you’re looking to hire a video maker. They all work slightly differently and the prices they charge vary wildly.

Whatever your business video needs, you can find the right video maker for you at Crowdskills.  Our freelancers are talented students and graduates at London universities, so they’re top quality and very affordable.

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