If you run a business, there are many reasons why you may need the services of a videographer. You might need professional video services for events, for advertising, for social media and much more besides. London is full of fantastic video makers, as well as agencies and marketplaces offering their services. How do you choose the right one? Here are 20 ideas.


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1 – Breakfast of Champions (BofC)

BofC is a start-to-finish video production agency. From developing concepts, writing scripts, to filming and post-production, BofC takes care of everything. Marketing video is their area of expertise, so whether it’s TV commercials, branded content, explainer videos or anything else, you’re sure to get a great result. BofC has worked with top brands such as BMW, Gucci and Shell.

Services: marketing, commercials, branded content

Key features: full-service, studio, production


2 – Crowdskills

Crowdskills is the marketplace with local, affordable freelance videographers.  All our freelances are students or graduates of London universities.  They have quality skills, and they’re keen to kickstart their careers, so they offer very affordable rates.  Simply post your job on the Crowdskills platform and we’ll help you find the video maker who’s right for you.

Services: events, product videos, how-tos

Features: marketplace, local, affordable

Reviews: Google Reviews


3 – Cineeye

Affordability is the key at Cineeye. Cineeye aims to be transparent about their pricing, with a video production cost calculator on their site. It’s a full-service agency, dealing with every aspect of video, from scripting to shooting to post-production. If you are looking for a corporate video or event video without breaking the bank, Cineeye could be a great option.

Services: corporate videos, music videos, promotional

Key features: affordable, transparent, full-service

Reviews: Bark, Google Reviews


4 – Bark

Bark is a freelance marketplace based in London. Videography is a booming category on Bark. You can use it to find freelancers for events, corporate videos and just about anything else. To find a freelancer, fill in a job brief including your location. Bark’s freelancers will come back to you with their pitch, including a price, so you can choose the best video maker for the job.

Services: events, corporate videos, editing

Key features: marketplace, platform

Reviews: TrustPilot, Sitejabber


5 – DGS Media

DGS Media is a full-service video production agency, run by Dominick Soar. Dom and his team look after every aspect of your video, from creative concepts to filming, editing and adding graphics. DGS Media has experience making corporate videos and commercials, as well as filming events. They have worked with brands such as Hidden Hearing and WhiteHat.

Services: events, corporate videos

Features: full-service, graphics, video art


6 – Dragonfly

From animation to corporate videos, Dragonfly is the full-service video production company who can help. Where Dragonfly excels is designing video campaigns that cut through the noise. Competition for consumers’ eyeballs is fierce, so you have to get it right. It’s why they have made videos for such brands as Google, Domino’s and PlayStation. Next time you want to go viral, give Dragonfly a try.

Services: animation, corporate video, talking heads

Features: engaging, full-service, branding

Reviews: Google Reviews, Facebook


7 – Fly Creative

Fly Creative specialises in narrative-driven video production. This takes an extra level of strategic and creative planning, something that Fly Creative excels at. This forward-looking agency loves to experiment with new ideas, such as VR and 360-degree filming. It’s why they have been chosen by big brands such as Virgin and Suzuki as a video partner.

Services: creative development, filming, post-production

Features: narrative-driven, full-service, tech  

Reviews: Google Reviews


8 – Great Video

Great Video is the brainchild of media veteran Mike Daly. Video is now the primary way to communicate online, but with so much competition, it’s essential you stand out. It takes a different skill set from producing for TV. Great Video specialises in making your brand make an impact in online video, with packages to get any startup started. If you’re looking to establish yourself using video, Great Video is a great choice.

Services: Elevator pitch, online video, events, corporate videos

Features: Experienced, package deals


9 – Ideal Insight

Ideal Insight is a London-based video production house. One quite unique offering from Ideal Insight is 360-degree virtual tours, like Google Street View for your office or store. Virtual tours help bring customers into your establishment, but they are hard to get right. Ideal Insight is the expert in this area, having worked with Topshop, AllSaints and many more besides.

Services: Production, filming, 360-degree virtual tours

Features: Experts, creative, Google-trusted agency

Reviews: Google Reviews,


10 – Interesting Content

Led by the charismatic Suds Singh, Interesting Content is a start-to-finish video production agency, based in East London. Whether it’s commercial work, event videos or anything else, Suds and his team get it done in fine style. A specialist area is making bitesize videos which make an instant impact, full of jokes and totally shareable. See their work for Bill’s, Tesco and Dotmailer on their site.

Services: commercial, events, social media content

Features: Creative, humorous, interesting

Reviews: Google Reviews,


11 – The Like Minded

Another video maker that specialises in a narrow area, this time it’s animated videos. The Like Minded makes short-form animation videos that explain simple ideas to your audience in an engaging and shareable (likeable?) way. Whether it’s 2D, 3D or even those whiteboard explainer videos that tech companies love, The Like Minded can take care of it all. They’ve made videos for brands such as Krispy Kreme, WeWork and Go Compare, so they definitely know what they’re doing.

Services: film, animation, 3D

Features: creative, shareable, engaging

Reviews: Google Reviews,


12 – Magisto

Magisto is a video maker that you can use in London (based in the US), but it’s a little different. Magisto is a platform which takes your raw video footage, then uses AI to edit and package it into an engaging business video, perfect for social media. Magisto then distributes your finished video to all the channels you need to build your brand. It aims to make video production quick and easy. Brands such as Samsung and Mitsubishi use Magisto of their videos, so it must be worth a try.

Services: editing platform, social distribution

Features: AI, simple, analytics

Reviews: Capterra, G2crowd


13 – OMG Media

OMG Media is a London-based video production company that offers start-to-finish service from creative, talented and passionate people. From creative direction, through shooting to post-production, OMG Media has it covered. Whether it’s corporate videos, branded content or even animation, OMG helps you get what you want. They have produced content in the past for brands such as Turkish Airlines and Adobe.

Services: animation, corporate videos, branded content

Features: full-service, creative, collaborative

Reviews: Google Reviews,


14 – Posh Gecko

Specialising in film, animation and 3D, the distinctively-named Posh Gecko is made up of an experienced team of creatives. Posh Gecko pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, to make engaging content for their clients, including Compare The Market and IKEA. TV commercials are Posh Gecko’s area of expertise, and they are experts in tailoring content to the narrow part of the marketplace their clients want to target.

Services: film, TV, animation

Features: creative, targeting, experimentation

Reviews: Facebook, Recommended Agencies


15 – Shootyou

Run by highly-skilled BBC veterans, Shootyou is a video production company based in London. Their specialist sectors are financial services and fintech, so if you operate in that area, Shootyou could be the people to talk to. Whether it’s corporate video, animated video or anything else, Shootyou has the expertise and imagination to bring it to life. Check out their work for JP Morgan and Mastercard on their website.

Services: corporate video, animation

Features: financial services and fintech specialists, experienced

Reviews: Facebook


16 – Snapsquad

Snapsquad is a freelance marketplace primarily concerned with photography. However, videographers list their services with Snapsquad too. Simply enter your location and the dates you need on the Snapsquad home screen. You’ll be presented with a range of different freelancers to choose from at different price points. Use the filter button to only show videographers. Choose the videographer that is right for you and contact them to make a booking. It’s that easy!

Services: events, products videos

Features: marketplace, wide range of freelancers

Reviews: TrustPilot


17 – Splento

Another freelancer marketplace where you can find videographers is Splento. Whether it’s an event you need filming, a promo video for your product or anything else, you can find a videographer with Splento, with prices starting from £149 per hour. Simply fill in the online form on Splento’s ‘videography’ screen and you’ll soon be put in touch with some amazing freelancers.

Services: events, promo videos

Features: marketplace, affordable, quick

Reviews: TrustPilot, Facebook


18 – Two Fresh

Two Fresh is one of the UK’s leading corporate video production company. They have worked with big brands such as BT, Cineworld and Macmillan Publishing. Where Two Fresh excels is in the preparation of your video. They perform extensive research into your target audience and what messages they respond well to. Then, Two Fresh storyboards, films and edits to perfection, all the time making sure everything is to your liking.

Services: corporate video

Features: research, full-service, storytelling

Reviews: Google Reviews, Facebook


19 – Video My Business

Video My Business is a directory that puts businesses in touch with the best corporate video makers in the UK. Simply enter your brief on Video My Business’ simple online form (if you’re stuck for ideas, there are many examples to browse on their site). You’ll then be shown all the video makers that meet your requirements. Choose the one that is right for you. The Guardian awarded Video My Business Startup of the Year in 2015.

Services: corporate video, business

Features: marketplace, directory, easy to use,


20 – Vox Pops International

Vox Pops is based in London but active all over the world. As the name suggests, this company specialises in making videos that feature the customer, conveying what makes your business great in an engaging way. If this is an approach you are looking to take for your corporate video, talk to Vox Pops. They have produced customer-centric videos for brands such as Sky, Coca-Cola and Disney.

Services: Customer video, animation, corporate video

Features: Research-centred, insight, storytelling

Reviews: Google Reviews, MRS

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