Although we all have top-quality video cameras in our pockets now, there’s no substitute for a professional video maker. They have the experience, the knowledge and the cutting-edge equipment to make the right video for your business. There are many reasons why you may need a video maker in London. Here are 4 of them. Check out our reviews of 20 great video makers in London, as well as freelance marketplaces you can try.


1 – Corporate videos

Corporate video is quite a broad term, but generally speaking, it covers all video communication of a business’ brand, whether it’s internal or external. Corporate videos are usually different from commercials in the way they are presented, however. Some examples of corporate videos could be:

  • Video to help train new starters at your company
  • A piece of video to highlight your company’s latest financial results
  • An explainer video for your customers about a new product
  • A video detailing your company’s social responsibility

Because how this video looks, sounds and feels reflects on your brand, it’s essential that it is done right. For this, you need an experienced professional video maker in London who will know how to craft your message in an appealing way.


2 – Commercials and social media content

It wasn’t that long ago that businesses primarily communicated with their customers using 30-second advertisements, broadcast on TV or maybe in the cinema. While, of course, many companies still use this marketing channel today, the primary way to communicate is via social media. The most effective way to grab people’s attention on Facebook or Instagram? Video.

While some businesses prefer a homemade, point-and-shoot look to their social media videos, an increasing number are employing higher production values to bring in those likes and shares. Because everything you do in your business reflects your brand, you should consider what approach is right for you. A professional video maker will help you present your brand to your customers in its best light.


3 – Events videos

If your business is putting on an event, such as a product launch, conference or exhibition, it’s essential that you produce a video. It serves of a record of the event. You can also use it in your marketing and chop it up in to bitesize clips for social media. Depending on the type of event, you may need to film parts of it to be displayed on big screens, so everyone there can see what is happening.

For these kinds of tasks, you need to use professional video makers. They will have the best equipment for the job, they will know the right way to shoot so they don’t disrupt the running of the event, they will also be able to edit everything down into smaller pieces of footage you can use later.


4 – Crowdfunding

Startups use crowdfunding sites to raise money to bring their ideas to life. Crowdfunding and video go together very well. Video is an extremely effective way to explain new concepts quickly and precisely. You don’t necessarily have to use language, so it works equally well anywhere in the world. Video can be shared around online communities, to reach a mass of people in a short time.

If you’re thinking of using crowdfunding to raise money for your business, you’ll need some great video. Make sure you use a professional video maker who can help you draw up a concept for your campaign that will get potential backers reaching for their wallets.


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