Collaborate to Boost Employment

Our social mission is to fight unemployment, and we are keen to partner with other like-minded organisations.  We have developed and piloted technology that supports unemployed participants to develop industry experience and transition into self-employment at scale.
The technology is a freelance work platform, where participants create profiles showcasing their skills, and get matched to paid part-time freelance jobs that local business submit.  Participants complete these jobs as self-employed freelancers, get paid into their bank account, and all legal and accounting requirements are covered by the platform.  They can then leverage their enhanced portfolio to continue working self-employed on the platform, or find full time employment elsewhere.
Our pilot project focused on unemployed students in London (June to Dec '18):
  • 10 London universities participated
  • 1600+ London students registered
  • Focus on creative & digital jobs
  • Companies posting jobs included the Cabinet Office, Maserati and United Nations
  • Users earned over £25,000 from completing jobs, with a minimum wage of £10/hr.
Our technology benefits include:
  • Enabling unemployed participants to develop skills and industry experience that modern employers are looking for
  • Facilitating unemployed participants into sustained self-employment
  • Providing these benefits to large numbers of participants at very low cost
Our technology accomplishes this by:
  • Enabling users to use their existing skills to complete part-time freelance jobs posted by local businesses
  • Enabling users to build a portfolio of experiences that can be used to 1) find employment or 2) become full time self-employed
We help other organisations benefit in the same way by providing:
  • A duplicate of our online freelance job platform, customised to suit your needs
  • Technical support of the platform
For further information, contact us by email.

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