It wasn’t even that long ago that if you wanted to hire temporary staff, you had to advertise in local newspapers or on the radio. Or, you could use a specialist temping agency.

If you were looking for temporary work, you had to sign up with an agency then wait by the phone until they called with a job. Of course, you had no idea what that job was going to be.

Those days are gone. Temping agencies still exist, of course. There are some great ones around in London. We produced an article about the hottest temp agencies in London, and one on how to choose a temp agency. However, you now have the option to use online platforms and mobile apps to hire temps. This cutting-edge tech makes it easier to hire temps, and find temp work. Here are 5 of the best temp staff apps you can try today.


1 – Tempo

Tempo is one of the most well-established temping platforms, with more than 10,000 candidates and 500 companies actively using it.

Candidates sign up with all their details, and make a video profile which helps hiring companies to gauge suitability. Hiring companies post job details on the platform, including time, location and pay. They choose the best candidates by browsing through the video profiles, and confirm the hire directly with the candidates. Tempo takes care of the contracts, payroll and the rest of the admin.

Tempo has already helped the NHS and companies such as New Look and ParkBee find staff.


2 – Syft

Syft is an online temping platform, primarily placing staff in the hospitality industry. Syft aims to remove the middlemen, directly connecting companies with available temp staff.

Like Tempo, on Syft, workers set up their own profiles. Companies post jobs and browse through applications. They can hire the candidates they like, and Syft takes care of the rest. For this service, Syft charges a 15% commission on top of workers’ wages.

A big selling point for Syft is its mobile app. You can use all aspects of Syft on your phone or tablet. Available in iOS and Android.

Syft has successfully helped companies such as Harvey Nichols and Gordon Ramsay find workers.


3 – Limber

Another recruitment platform with iOS and Android mobile apps available, Limber is another staff app aimed at the hospitality industry. They are popular with companies hiring for one-off events.

Candidates can easily create profiles on Limber. They can also apply for positions when companies post job opportunities. Limber, like the other apps, takes care of payroll and admin.

Limber offers pay-as-you-go or a subscription pricing structures for hiring companies. If you take out a subscription, there are no fees on hires and you get a dedicated Limber account manager to help you.


4 – Reecru

Reecru is one of the newer entrants to the market, having only started in April 2018. Where Reecru is different is that it provides temporary work for recruiters.

Freelance recruitment consultants can join Reecru and create profiles. When a company is looking to hire permanent staff, they post their job online and select the recruiter they would like to use. The recruiter then does what they do, screening CVs and candidates, preparing them for interview. The company interviews the candidate and hopefully makes a hire.  They charge a fixed fee of £999 on jobs up to a salary of £50K.


5 – Flexy

Our final app is Flexy. Flexy styles itself as a staffing agency with a difference. Everything with Flexy takes place on their mobile app, available for iOS and Android.

Potential candidates sign up and go through a short onboarding process. They then apply for jobs they want via the app. Companies sign up and post jobs. Flexy helps match them up with the right candidates. They also take care of payroll and admin.

Flexy places candidates across a variety of industries, including retail, hospitality and office work. They’ve worked with companies such as B&Q and Wilko.


How about Crowdskills?

These are all great options if you’re looking to hire temporary staff. But if you’re looking for staff with digital skills, it may still be tricky to find them.  That’s where we can help.  Crowdskills let’s you hire staff with digital skills, when you need them, to come to your office and provide a top notch service, at a great price.  No more big agency fees!

  • Find designers, developers, photographers, video makers, marketers and more
  • Meet them face to face first, anywhere in London, to decide whether they’re the right fit for your team
  • Hire freelancers for a few hours, or for a big project, or for regular hours every week or month

Learn how we can help you find digital temp workers for your organisation – give us a call on 0203 504 6465 or post your job.

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